All the applications you need for flood modelling, risk assessment and forecasting – in one package.

This subscription includes various modules from the MIKE FLOOD application that will allow you to model virtually any flood problem – whether it involves rivers, floodplains, flooding in the streets, drainage networks, coastal areas, levee and dike breaches, or any combination of these.

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What’s in the package?

1 user* 2 users* more users*


The unique toolbox for professional flood modellers

2D Overland Flow HD

(includes 2D Overland AD and 2D Overland ECO Lab modules)
Distributed rainfall and infiltration

1D River Flow HD

Flood modelling in riverine floodplain areas

1D Urban Flow

Comprises MIKE URBAN modules Model Manager and CS-Pipeflow

MIKE HYDRO River RR – Rivers and Reservoirs

For modelling of fully dynamic river hydraulics and structure operation

MIKE URBAN CS-RR – Collection Systems for Rivers and Reservoirs

GIS-based working environment for the analysis, management and operation of storm water drainage and wastewater systems


Price per user per month for an annual subscription


Price per user per month for an annual subscription

* A single (1) Concurrent User Subscription will permit one user of MIKE Zero and one User of MIKE URBAN at any time. There is no limit on the number of named users you may specify.

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Need more than a subscription package?

If you’re looking for a specific combination of modules, our Perpetual Licenses (Professional and Essential) are available for you. The Professional License offers highest level functionality, flexibility and compute capability. The Essential License is our entry level license, competitively priced but with some limitations.

Every package includes a series of online training and/or classic classroom courses accessible to each user.

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Questions / Answers

A: The minimum period of subscription for API packages is 12 months. All other packages are also available for 12 months, except the 1 Concurrent User variants which are also available as a 3-month subscription. A 3-month subscription is a great way to try out the MIKE applications before deciding to commit for longer.

A: Yes, the monthly rate for a 3-month subscription is 20% more than a 12-month subscription. Upgrade from a 3-month subscription to a 12-month subscription at any time by paying 75% of the rate of a 12-month subscription.

A: The 2 Concurrent User subscription (and 5, 10 & 25 concurrent users) will unlock unlimited simulations for all the engines included in the subscription (enabling the use of cloud computing resources). This option adds significant value and is a game changer to your project or study delivery deadlines.

A: Absolutely! Get in touch with one of our representatives via the form below to find a package that best suits your needs.

A: The full amount of the subscription is invoiced at commencement of the subscription period (monthly invoicing is not currently available). Periodic payments are available under special circumstances and via prior arrangement with your local DHI Office.

A: Subscriptions will be invoiced automatically (and extended in the current form – 3 months or 12 months), via a renewal invoice issued 2 weeks prior to the end of the subscription period, unless DHI receives a written request for termination.

A: Yes, all subscriptions come with DHI’s renowned software support for the period of the subscription.

A: Unless specifically referenced (i.e. marine subscriptions which have a choice of one or two add-on modules), adding modules to a subscription is not permitted. Extended functionality can be achieved by combining two or more subscription packages (for example: Flooding + Hydrology & Hydraulics to get advanced structure operations in rivers). We know that not all integrated simulation scenarios are covered by the subscription packages, so if you need a very specific combination of modules, contact your local DHI Office for perpetual license pricing.

A: No, a 1 Concurrent User subscription of the Flooding package allows 1 user of the MIKE Zero GUI (for building 2D Overland and 1D River models) and 1 user of the MIKE URBAN GUI, at the same time. That’s great value and really flexible. Same applies for the Groundwater subscription package (1 user of FEFLOW and 1 user of MIKE Zero, at the same time).

A: Some modules have pre-requisite requirements (like process modules requiring HD), so where there is only one choice (Ports & Maritime, Coastal Engineering and Environmental Engineering), available choices are reduced. But remember, when you choose a MIKE 3 module, the corresponding MIKE 21 module comes with it.

A: Bonus modules are modules that DHI no longer sells as perpetual licenses. The only way to access these modules now is via subscription and as part of valid SMA (annual maintenance) of other Professional (perpetual) licenses.

A: No, chart data can be purchased as an add-on to Marine subscriptions that include MIKE C-MAP. Contact your local DHI Office if you want to know more about MIKE C-MAP and/or C-Map chart data.

A: No, perpetual licenses and subscriptions that are both hosted on your companies Internet License Server cannot be combined.

A: Default delivery of a subscription license is DHI’s Internet License Server. But if you want a network license instead, this can be provided at additional cost (400€). Contact your local DHI Office to get a quote in local currency, or to find out more about DHI’s Internet License Server (powered by Microsoft Azure).

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