Global Challenge

Wastewater Treatment

Optimise processes, energy and chemical usage and reclamation to improve treatment efficiency

The issue

Wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) are key infrastructures for ensuring a proper protection of our environment. However, they require large amounts of chemicals, produce high greenhouse gas emissions (methane, nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide) and insufficiently remove emerging contaminants such as antibiotics and microplastics. In addition to these growing environmental concerns, existing WWTP’s are aging. They’re expensive to operate and face difficulties in retaining skilled staff.

Why it matters

To meet the growing challenges of rapid urbanisation and climate change, comply with environmental regulations and minimise public health risks, it’s more important than ever to efficiently treat and reuse wastewater. Water from WWTP’s can be used for irrigation, industrial processing, groundwater recharge and drinking water in the form of “direct” and “indirect potable reuse”. Having more efficient operations in place can help significantly reduce costs, the impact of a WWTP on receiving environments and its Co2 footprint and may allow you to postpone costly upgrades or building new plants.

How we can help

A cost-effective way to begin this process is to analyse existing conditions conduct a performance and energy audit. Through the use of integrated data management techniques and advanced technology, we can help you discover ways to increase capacity, reduce effluent concentrations, become an energy producer rather than consumer and recover valuable and scarce resources such as phosphorus. DHI can also guide you on how to best establish more automated data driven operations to reduce human error risks and ensure regulatory monitoring compliance.get t

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Innovative Solutions

Through the integration of advanced technology and decades of wastewater treatment analysis and modelling expertise, DHI offers an array of solutions to help get the most out of your treatment capacity while reducing energy and chemical consumption. We collaborate with consultants and utilities in an effort to customise a solution to fit your unique process configuration and objectives.

Improve water efficiency with sustainable process design and retrofitting

DHI's municipal and industrial wastewater treatment solutions and water audits are designed to improve efficiency. This technology also supports new WWTP design through the formulation of a detailed plant layout in response to the quantity and quality of anticipated inflow and required effluent quality and spilling point. This allows you to convert traditional BOD removal designs to nutrient removal technologies that operate within existing plant infrastructure and biologically treat high-strength internal recycle streams and optimise carbon utilisation. More

WEST | Computational Fluid Dynamics

Make more informed decisions using data integration

Having accurate information on a WWTP system is foundational knowledge to best address a range of optimisation issues. Make more informed decisions by combining data from SCADA, LIMS, weather stations, manual inputs, and model outputs. Incorporate data validation methods to ensure only accurate and relevant data are used for operational decisions. Automate reporting tasks and generate relevant process monitoring, power and chemical usage and environments. More


Achieve more stable plant operations through the use of advanced real-time controls

DHI offers solutions for step-wise implementation of real-time control and process automation. We collaborate with utilities and consultants to develop feedback, feedforward and model-predictive controllers for WWTP optimisation. WWTP and collection system data can be coupled to provide real-time operational support. In addition, our DIMS.CORE platform supports connection of Digital Twins which can be developed as online models and used for setpoint control and process performance monitoring More


"We chose WEST for its extensive and transparent model library and its high flexibility for developing customised models. These features allowed us to simulate complex control strategies and reproduce the real behaviour of our controller, and thus to optimise thresholds and set-points and to validate the benefits of different operating strategies."

Marco Vian, PhD, Environmental Engineer, ETC Sustainable Solutions

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