MIKE URBAN+ is the new generation of MIKE URBAN.
Learn what’s coming.

The release of MIKE URBAN+ means that it will succeed MIKE URBAN as the new generation of MIKE Powered by DHI modelling software for urban applications.

As an existing MIKE URBAN user, how do I get access to MIKE URBAN+?

The good news is that if you’re a MIKE URBAN user holding a valid Service & Maintenance Agreement (SMA), you will get the new MIKE URBAN+ ArcGIS as part of your SMA value at no additional cost.

Don’t have a valid SMA? Get in touch with your local sales office for more information.

Want to know more about how to migrate from MIKE URBAN to MIKE URBAN+ read the migration note. Med link til migration note, som Morten stadig arbejder på.

Decommissioning of MIKE URBAN

The release of MIKE URBAN+ is the first step towards a full replacement of MIKE URBAN. MIKE URBAN will be formally decommissioned from 2020.

Read more about the decommissioning here (NEED LINK)

As an existing MIKE URBAN user with valid SMA, how do I get started with MIKE URBAN+?

MIKE URBAN users holding a valid SMA will get an updated license file which can be used for both MIKE URBAN and MIKE URBAN+ and the two installation packages can co-exist. Customers with two or more seats of all modules in the license file available can run both MIKE URBAN and MIKE URBAN+ simultaneously. You will also get a guide to help you get started.

Existing MIKE URBAN models are imported into MIKE URBAN+ and then you can get started from there.

We are convinced that the succession into MIKE URBAN+ will help you further improve your work. Securing your successful migration from MIKE URBAN to MIKE URBAN+ is important for us. Our support team is ready to help and support you with the migration of existing MIKE URBAN models within the transition period during 2019. For your smooth entry into the MIKE URBAN+ environment, we offer an ‘ask an expert’ consultation as part of your valid SMASign up for the session here and we will contact you.

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