Are you aware of your hydraulic network performance?
Do you know which of your investments are securing the best returns?

MIKE URBAN+ helps you model all urban water systems, including water distribution systems, storm water drainage systems, sewage collection in separate and combined systems and urban flooding. It features full hydrological and hydraulic modelling including water quality for all parts of the urban water systems.

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Hear how MIKE URBAN+ can help you deal with the challenges that water facilities are facing today.


Model all of the city’s pipe networks in ONE modelling platform ensuring overview, integration and higher efficiency in urban modelling.

Short learning curve with uncompromised efficiency

MIKE URBAN+ is intuitive and user-friendly, allowing you to achieve quick results no matter your previous modelling experience.

Efficient project execution and high simulation speed

Speed up your daily routines through the high-performance interface, database and hydraulic engines utilising multiple cores and GPU – which promises accuracy and speed even when modelling mega cities.

Integrated platform for modelling water distribution and collection system

Model all of the city’s water networks in ONE modelling platform ensuring overview, integration and higher efficiency in urban modelling teams.

Integrated dynamic flood modelling

MIKE URBAN+ offers an integrated flood modelling platform for storm water management based on flexible mesh, GPU and multiple cores engines and water exchange between storm water network and 2D surface.

Enhanced and new Water Distribution tools

Assists you in optimising the planning, operation and maintenance of your water distribution network efficiently through:
  • Multi-source tracing
  • Fire flow analysis
  • Hydrant flushing
  • Pipe/valve criticality
  • PID control

The most advanced computational engine on the market

Features complete, high performing MIKE 1D multi-core engine for modelling large stormwater and sewerage systems with a fast execution, extracting model data directly from a high-performing database.

Agile product development and releases

New ways of software development ensure more frequent releases of new features which will be available approximately every quarter.

ArcGIS Pro integration*

MIKE URBAN+ includes integration with ArcGIS Pro for enhanced model building, data pre-processing, advanced GIS editing and presentation. Provides access to ArcGIS ONLINE for accessing the Esri cloud products.
* MIKE URBAN+ ArcGIS adds sophisticated GIS capabilities to MIKE URBAN+ by integration with ArcGIS Pro. Embeds ArcGIS Pro software and license for ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS and ArcGIS Online.

Key features

MIKE URBAN+ helps you solve your urban water challenges and supports analysis, scenario modelling and online operations.

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Watch the presentation of the 2D overland module and discover how MIKE URBAN+ supports 2D flood modelling.

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Release roadmap

MIKE URBAN+ is the result of transforming client feedback into tangible improvements. We embarked on the development of MIKE URBAN+ with one aim: to radically improve the way you model urban water.


The first release of MIKE URBAN+ with modelling of Collection System and Water Distribution and many new features.

Q2 2019


The second release with 2D flooding capabilities based on MIKE 21 FM (Flexible Mesh) coupled with MIKE 1D – providing unprecedented ways of flood modelling utilising multiple cores and GPU for fast model simulations and result presentations in one interface.

Q3 2019

MIKE URBAN+ will continue to develop, maintaining its key capabilities while expanding functionalities and features. New releases will be delivered consistently to provide users with fast access to improvements and new features.


Already a MIKE URBAN user?

MIKE URBAN+ is succeeding MIKE URBAN as the new generation of modelling software for urban applications. It takes your urban water modelling to the next level with enhanced capabilities in a high-performance user interface and faster simulation environment.

The result? Resilient and sustainable solutions for city planners, water utilities and security of your future investments in water infrastructures.

If you’re an existing MIKE URBAN user, find out how the MIKE URBAN+ Release will support you further in your modelling work.

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Gain access to widely-recognised urban modelling applications in the market for water utilities. All you need for modelling sewers and stormwater, water distribution networks and wastewater treatment plants.

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