New generation
water modelling in the cities

coming to you soon in 2019

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Achieve improved efficiency and faster results in modelling urban water! ​

Successful urban water modelling requires a trusted and robust application that can maximise your productivity and fully leverage your investment.

MIKE URBAN+ is the new generation of MIKE URBAN.

It continues the successful heritage of modelling all urban water scenarios, including water distribution systems, storm water drainage systems, sewer collection in separate and combined systems and integrated urban flooding. MIKE URBAN+ offers full hydrological and hydraulic modelling including water quality for all parts of the urban water systems.

What to expect

MIKE URBAN+ can help you solve your urban water challenges and meet your needs to support analysis, scenario modelling or online operations.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • GIS-based model building and management even in a standalone environment

  • High performance interface, database and hydraulic engines for modelling mega cities

  • Option of applying multiple hydrological models in one runoff simulation

  • Integrated hydraulic, water quality, fire flow, multi-source tracing, flushing and real-time control simulation (water distribution)

  • Integrated hydraulic, hydrology, water quality, sediment transport, real-time control and long-term statistics(collection systems)

  • Full undo and redo and on-the-fly advanced data check capability in all editors

  • Thematic mapping and integrated dynamic result visualisation

  • Open data models – easy integration with other applications

  • Integrated flooding modelling platform for storm water management based on flexible mesh

Frequently asked questions

A: Yes, MIKE URBAN+ will succeed MIKE URBAN as the new generation of modelling software for urban applications. It offers the same features and functionalities in high performance user interface and faster simulation environment.

A: The succession of MIKE URBAN+ requires the use of the MIKE 1D engine for the hydraulic models as MOUSE engine will not be supported. Migration of existing MIKE URBAN models is managed within the transition period.

If you’re a MIKE URBAN user holding a valid Service & Maintenance Agreement, you will get the new MIKE URBAN+ for free.

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A: Yes, support and maintenance is provided to our customers holding a valid Service and Maintenance Agreement (SMA)

The succession of MIKE URBAN+ requires the use of the MIKE 1D engine for the hydraulic models as MOUSE engine will not be supported.

A: MIKE URBAN+ offers a complete new high performance and efficient workflow based on the latest advances in information technology. MIKE URBAN+ provides a highly efficient and responsive user interface and faster rendering of map view for big data sets when modelling mega cities. It offers faster execution of simulations as models can be executed without exporting to model files and MIKE 1D is utilising multiple cores. Urban flood modelling will be based on MIKE 21 FM flexible mesh with the option of executing the simulation using the graphics processing unit. MIKE URBAN+ will be able to run standalone but can be integrated with ArcGIS Pro.

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