Mesh Generator

What is it?

Our first next-generation tool for supporting innovative ways of modelling. The Mesh Generator creates high-quality, 2D meshes for flood, coastal and marine environments.

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Creating high quality meshes is time consuming. It requires a lot of manual effort to prepare the required geometric data, and then analyse and improve the resulting mesh – especially today when the mesh can include millions of elements. The Mesh Generator is the first step towards completely automating the mesh creation process. The Mesh Generator offers you:

Smart control of mesh operations, including full flexibility to control variable mesh density

A multi-user workspace to support users working in parallel to modify the mesh

A mesh generation process centred on mesh quality driven by interactive feedback

Mesh scenarios tied back to the original data and embedded in a project framework

Significant time savings in terms of data management and mesh generation allowing you to respond quickly to changing project needs

Key features

  • Intuitive mesh generation workflow
  • Integration of the mesh into project data and project goals
  • Meshing from scratch with OpenStreetMap data
  • Visualisation of geometric data and the mesh in 2D and 3D
  • A very fast meshing process using Cloud CPU resources
  • A seamless workflow for concurrent users
  • No installation – 100% browser-based access

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