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MIKE 3 Wave FM

“DHI’s new powerful MIKE 3 Wave FM model has been an extremely valuable tool for assessment of the coastal flooding due to wave overtopping in our Capbreton-Soorts Hossegor coastal area, southern part of France. In addition, the 3D visualisation of the results has been a game changer for illustrating the risk prone areas to the many stakeholders”.

Regional Coastal Authorities
Landes France

MIKE 21 Mooring Analysis

“Excellent tool! Straightforward and appealing at the same time. It is pretty useful in order to carry out performance analysis and quick scenario comparison. It is a very good option for operational staff within water utilities especially for a quick contingency assessment”.

Gaetano Parpajola
Civil Hydraulic Engineer
Aìda – Association of Professional Engineers of Water,
Cévese Parpajola Hydraulic Engineering
Padova Area, Italy


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MIKE 3 Wave FM

Perform accurate wave calculations without the usual limitations with a ground-breaking new wave modelling application.

Multi-body simulations in MIKE 21 MA

Perform highly precise moored vessel response assessment. For single and multi-vessel systems.

New generation of water modelling

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MIKE 2019 Release


Discover new applications, special offers and learn what’s ahead in your area of interest.

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Superior tools for modelling water environments – transforming science into practice and giving you the competitive advantage.

Modelling inland water dynamics and water resources availability

Both developed and developing countries face serious challenges in the water sector due to overexploitation of water resources. Exacerbated by rapid population growth, increasing urbanisation and climate change, issues such as drought, water scarcity and flooding are turning successful water resources management into a challenging task.

Comprehensive and well-proven simulation products are essential for optimal water resources planning and management. The MIKE suite of applications helps achieve this by ensuring cost effective and scientifically sound solutions in any inland water environment around the world.

Maximum versatility in coastal and marine modelling

The competing needs of commercial, recreational and residential interests are putting increasing pressure on coasts around the world. In addition, the effects of globalisation and growing energy demands require the transportation of goods over longer distance – often by sea. To accommodate more and larger vessels, new ports and terminals are being built, and existing facilities and navigation channels are being expanded.

Our marine applications – used for simulation of an almost endless range of flow phenomena, waves, sediment dynamics, dispersion phenomena and ecological systems – help provide efficient, reliable and sustainable solutions.

New generation water modelling in the cities

With world population projected to reach 9.7 billion in 2050, it has become crucial to manage water environments efficiently within cities. For current and future cities to be competitive and resilient, sound infrastructure investments and planning are essential.

MIKE technologies embed DHI’s industry leading expertise and are perfect tools for developing efficient, accurate, intelligent and resilient urban solutions. Our applications enable the modelling of all urban water scenarios, including water distribution systems, storm water drainage systems, sewer collection in separate and combined systems and integrated urban flooding.

Groundwater and porous media modelling

Groundwater accounts for one-third of the world’s freshwater resources. Managing its quality and quantity is crucial for the global production of drinking water, food and energy. Driven by gravity, groundwater may pose significant risks by causing excess pressures in dams and reservoirs, and seepage in mines and urban drainage systems.

Our groundwater application is used for simulating all types of 2D or 3D flow and related transport processes in the subsurface and in porous media. Whether it involves groundwater flow, groundwater age, contaminant or heat transport processes – we provide you with the numerical modelling solution to solve your complex challenges.

Data transformation made easy

Effective planning and operational decision-making is dependent on good data that is transformed into useful information. This data transformation process is of vital importance for professionals working with water.

MIKE technologies empower users with flexible tools required for building data management systems, real-time forecasting and operational control capabilities. Our data and operational decision-making application enables quick and safe setups of simple real-time systems that help manage complexities within water modelling.

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