MIKE Cloud

The open innovation platform where people, technology, research and business come together.

The MIKE Cloud Platform gives you access to the quickly evolving ecosystem of the water industry, helping you achieve more – in less time.

Reimagine your business

The power of data, combined with scalable cloud computing, easy plug-in of third-party technologies, multi-user collaboration and partnerships is the future of the water industry. Changes will happen at “the speed of digital” and with MIKE Cloud we are moving full speed ahead in this revolution.

Key features

  • Scalable computing power
  • Browser-based user interfaces
  • Multi-user collaboration
  • Custom software creation
  • Partnerships and integration with 3rd party technology
  • Access to open data
  • Enabling digital twins and operational control
  • Automation and workflows

Sneak peek of what’s coming

The MIKE Mesh Generator and MIKE Flood Screener represent the essence of true cloud technology with multi-user access, increased speed and improved flexibility. By leveraging advanced data analytics and machine learning, the two cloud applications enable accurate and detailed results that support efficient and innovative ways of modelling.

Mesh Generator

Building high-quality meshes can require a great deal of time. Automate the most time-consuming step in the model building process with the MIKE Mesh Generator, and create high-quality 2D meshes for flood, coastal and marine environments in no time.

Flood Screener

The MIKE Flood Screener allows for efficient screening of flood prone areas based on accumulated rainfall and sea level variations. Achieve more dynamic and detailed flood modelling results!

The Digital Twin

Aligning with our vision for MIKE Cloud, the innovative digital twin concept is increasingly entering the water sector. A Digital Twin provides a holistic understanding of a water system, leading to faster data-driven decisions for your business.

Join the preview programme

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