Perform accurate wave
calculations without the usual limitations

– with a ground-breaking new wave modelling application

MIKE 3 Wave FM

Benefit from a new groundbreaking wave modelling application that can outperform other existing deterministic wave models in the market – MIKE 3 Wave FM.

MIKE 3 Wave FM is an advanced 3D phase-resolving wave model that can be applied to ports & terminals, coastal areas as well as the offshore and maritime industry.

Documented, tested and validated extensively. Made for world-class engineering projects.


Accurate calculation of wave transformation from deep to shallow water until it reaches the very edge of marine structures – and beyond – is of great importance to planners, designers, authorities and asset owners. This new knowledge supports cost effective design and planning of marine infrastructures exposed to wave forcings.

Introducing an advanced modelling application that can help you calculate wave transformation processes quickly and accurately, which also comes with these features:

Covers fully nonlinear, fully dispersive surface gravity waves and ambient flow

A major advantage over traditional wave modelling applications in the market.

Uses flexible computational mesh

Flexible, unstructured computational meshes provide the basis for detailed multi-disciplinary models.

Highly parallelised engine code

Takes advantage of high performance computing (HPC) and can be executed in the Cloud. Also significantly faster than computational fluid dynamics (CFD) volume-of-fluid (VOF) models.

No wave height and wave period limitation

You will only need to resolve the physical phenomena properly in space and time.

Fast and easy workflow

Using a 3D model means that porous structures are represented by its natural porosity. The model setup editor allows wave generation and specification of absorption zones.

Proven user interface

MIKE 3 Wave FM comes with a graphical user interface that enables fast model setup.

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Key benefits

This is what you can achieve with MIKE 3 Wave FM:

Robust simulation of wave breaking, wave run-up and overtopping

When physical phenomena are properly resolved in space and time, you will be able to simulate all physical transformation wave processes. This means that MIKE 3 Wave FM can be applied to a range of new application areas such as coastal flood studies, impact of strongly nonlinear waves and infragravity waves caused by breaking waves.

More accurate modelling of porous structures

The use of the 3D model allows accurate representation of the porous structure with its natural porosity. Hence, the calculation of wave transmission and wave reflection is more accurate as compared to using various semi-empirical formulas.

Comprehensive, stable and user-friendly wave generation

Previously, the application of pre-processing tools – which was tedious and error-prone – was necessary to generate waves for the model. Now, wave generation is an integral part of the model set-up. This leads to faster model creation and helps reduce mistakes that can lead to failed designs and structural collapse.

Optimised CAPEX and OPEX costs for your marine infrastructure projects

We have strived to enhance the work flow of the wave transformation modelling, enabling you to set up models faster with a reduced risk of errors. At the same time, the more accurate simulation of the governing physical processes – from deep to shallow water and beyond – will reduce the uncertainty of wave calculations, foster new innovative cost-effective solutions and hence optimise CAPEX and OPEX project cost.

Already a MIKE user?

MIKE 3 Wave FM will enhance the versatility and applicability of the MIKE Powered by DHI software in offshore, coastal and port engineering. When used in combination with other MIKE products, MIKE 3 Wave FM can help you create unique solutions for your projects with greater ease.

Main benefits:

  • Easy interfacing with other MIKE products such as MIKE 21 SW, MIKE 21 BW, MIKE 21 MA and MIKE FLOOD

  • Wave conditions specified directly in the model’s graphical user interface

  • No more need for external tools – easier and faster to set up a model. Takes spectral output from MIKE 21 SW.

  • Model output can be used directly in dynamic mooring analyses using MIKE 21 MA

  • Existing MIKE 21 BW setups can be converted to MIKE 3 Wave FM model setups

  • Overtopping discharges from MIKE 3 Wave FM can be used in MIKE FLOOD

  • No more need for external tools calculation porosity (like in MIKE 21 BW). The natural porosity of the structures can be used directly.

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What you will get:

  • Introduction to MIKE 3 Wave FM

  • How can you benefit in your daily modelling work?

  • Live demo of key applications in MIKE 3 Wave FM

  • Q&A session: Already have questions about how this application can benefit your projects? Get answers from our wave modelling experts.

Our webinar is in English and is about one hour long. You may benefit from the webinar if you’re a professional dealing with wave issues in relation to ports, coastal and offshore infrastructure projects. Researchers and scientists are also welcome to attend.