MIKE 2019 Release is coming soon

– see how you may qualify for an update


Are you still using an older version of the MIKE applications? With no access to our technical support and value-added products and services?

To get the most out of your investment in MIKE, take advantage of this time-limited SPECIAL OFFER. Come back to SMA (Service and Maintenance Agreement)!

Update of Pricing Policy

From January 2019, we are changing our Pricing Policy on application updates.

This means that application updates will no longer be available for MIKE desktop products (including some of yours) where the SMA expired more than three years ago.

Come back to SMA
Yes, this is a significant change. We are therefore giving all our MIKE customers with expired SMA, the opportunity to renew with a very SPECIAL OFFER.

You might be surprised how much the applications have changed, and how many new features and improvements we’ve made since you last had SMA.

Unlock the power of MIKE 2019, and get access to some of our value-added products and services that are only available to customers with a valid SMA.

Your special offer

  • Pay a maximum of 1.5 years SMA in arrears – no matter how long you’ve been away

  • Pay for your 2019 SMA

  • Receive our latest 2019 MIKE Release

  • Start benefiting from our technical support

  • Utilise THE ACADEMY by DHI events and associated discounts

  • Get access to our partnership programs for the next 12 months

Let us give you a pricing example:

An organisation purchased MIKE 11 HD + RR applications in 2013 for a flood forecasting project, and did not renew their SMA. Under our old Pricing Policy, they would have needed pay EUR 11,400 to update their applications to the latest version.

With this SPECIAL OFFER, they will be able to get the latest version (and our value-added products and services) for only EUR 4,750.

Sounds good? We think so too!

So no matter how old your MIKE applications are, come back to SMA to enjoy savings like never before.


Your benefits

Here are four reasons why now is the best time for you to come back to SMA:

MIKE 2019

You will qualify for the latest MIKE 2019 Release

SMA advantages

You will enjoy all the advantages that come with having a valid SMA (including unlimited core simulations on selected modules, access to our technical support, application updates and hotfixes)

Value-added products

You will enjoy discounts on services like Software as a Service (SaaS), the MetOcean Data Portal as well as access to the Boundary Conditions Generator for all MIKE 3 users.

Free modules

You will receive selected modules for FREE. For example, MIKE C-MAP will be included with every valid SMA on these modules: MIKE 21 HD, MIKE 3 HD and Littoral Processes, and WS-WAT will be free with SMA on any Wave module

Our Pricing Policy is changing. Act now before it is too late!

Curious about coming back to SMA?