MIKE 2020 is out now!

- see how you can update to MIKE 2020 and take your water modelling to the next level

Are you still using an older version of the MIKE Desktop applications? With no access to our technical support and value-added products and services?

To get the most out of your investment in MIKE, take advantage of this time-limited SPECIAL OFFER.

Your special offer

Come back to our annual Service and Maintenance (SMA) program:

  • Pay a maximum of 1.5 years SMA in arrears – no matter how long you’ve been away
  • Receive our latest MIKE 2020 Release, and benefit from having SMA for the next 12 months
  • In total, pay only 2.5 years of SMA and start getting all the benefits

Let us give you a pricing example

You have a Corporate license of Marine PP, MIKE 21 FMHD + MIKE 21 SW, with SMA expired in 2015. Normally you would not be able to update this license due to the SMA being more than 3 years out of date, so a new purchase would be required to get the latest version.

With this SPECIAL OFFER, you can get the latest Professional version of the three modules (including Bonus modules MIKE Animator, Extreme Value Analysis, Wave Analysis Toolbox and MIKE C-MAP*) and save up to 55%**.

* C-MAP digital chart data not included. **Saving compared to new purchase

Sounds good? We think so too!

So no matter how old your MIKE Desktop Applications are, come back to SMA and start enjoying all the benefits.

Your benefits

Here are five reasons why now is the best time for you to come back to SMA:

MIKE 2020

You will qualify for the latest MIKE 2020 Release.

SMA advantages

You will enjoy all the advantages that come with having a valid SMA (including unlimited core simulations on selected modules, access to our technical support, application updates and hotfixes)

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Value-added products

You will enjoy discounts on services like Software as a Service (SaaS), and access to DHI’s Internet License option.

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Free modules

You will receive selected modules for FREE. For example, MIKE C-MAP will be included with every valid SMA on the following MIKE modules; MIKE 21 HD, MIKE 3 HD and Littoral Processes.

Upgrade to MIKE URBAN+

Get enhanced capabilities, improved workflows and a new user-friendly interface.

Get a quick tour of the 2D Overland Module and see how MIKE URBAN+ supports 2D flood modelling.

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Special Offer is valid to April 30th

Act now before it’s too late.

Curious about coming back to SMA?